Incident Response

Blade Incident Response (IR) is active insurance that mitigates risks to you, your family, your brand, and/or your company. When a malicious event occurs, time is critical. Blade IR has the capabilities to send digital forensic experts anywhere in the world. Blade IR will work along side company IT teams, PR, legal, and management to establish secure continuity while identifying and eliminating the cause of the event.

Blade IR can offer you, your family, and your company / agency the following services:

  • Onsite Evidence Preservation
  • Communication with Nefarious Actors
  • Forensic Recovery of IP/DATA
  • Ransomware Recovery/Guidence
  • Recovering Company Resources
  • Creating an Incident Reponse Plan
  • After Action Guidence

Corporate Consultation

Blade’s staff of security and investigative experts can help identify direct exposures to threats and breaches in security. We will work with you and your team to analyze the issues and develop cost effective solutions. Empowering you with information and the tools necessary to make adjustments as global and environmental conditions demand top priority of Blade’s security consulting.

Blade can offer you and your company the following services:

  • Design life and safety and security plans
  • Compliance review
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Training and exercises


Performing comprehensive due diligence for integrity and compliance is a critical risk-mitigation exercise. Blade’s assessments can assist in identifying ethical “red flags” before entering into commitments. We use emerging analytic and forensic technology to detect, analyze, and illustrate complex business relationships and provide robust deliverables for active use in the field and management.

Blade can offer you and your company the following services:

  • Background investigations
  • Executive background search
  • Pre-investment assessments
  • Corporate ties, asset identification, IP address anonymity and website scraping
  • Link analysis, 120 data point email scrape and geospatial analytics

Our business is built on trust: we uphold the highest standards of security and confidentiality and discretion with our clients.

Disaster Preparedness and Evacuation

Blade proactively identifies the most likely threats and disasters for your residential and work locations. With this intelligence, evacuation plans are created and your family is instructed on the fastest routes and safest areas for relocation. Your family may not all be located in the same place when disaster strikes, therefore you must have a plan in place to determine how your family will get to a safe place, what each person will do in different situations (whom each family member will contact, etc.) and how you will get back together. As a result of Blade’s DPE, you and your family can feel confident in your preparedness for unexpected circumstances and disasters.

Blade can offer you, your family and your company the following services:

  • Physical Assessment
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Safe Areas / Relocation
  • Custom Emergency Kits
  • Disaster Communication Mediums

Applied Technology

In today’s digital world, it is imperative that companies keep up with changing technology and capabilities available to them. Blade can help you discover technological advancements that can benefit your company, becoming more efficient and profitable.

Blade can offer you and your company the following services:

  • Procedure Assessments
  • Identify Hardware/Software Gaps
  • B2B Partnerships
  • Research and Development
  • SOP/Policy Creation
  • Technology Trends

Executive Protective Services

A spike in random violence has increased across the country leaving company leaders searching for a way to create and maintain an environment to keep employees safe. Blade can provide your company with the knowledge and tools to implement and manage a level of physical and procedural corporate security by addressing your company’s risks and vulnerabilities. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing emergency response teams, collaborate on safety training protocols and refine communication within the company and beyond.

Blade can offer you and your company the following services:

  • Intelligence Assessments on Protectees/Events
  • Brand Protection
  • Physical Protection Services
  • Site Advances / Coordination
  • QRT /Medical

Secure Logistics   Blade Cargo Website

Blade Cargo delivers extraordinary services in the logistic field by combing the lastest in tracking technology wiht point to point physical security of shipments anywhere in the world. We provide our clients with the assurance that all communications, transactions, and services meet industry compliances standards and beyond.

Blade Cargo offers the following services:

  • Truck Freight Transportation
  • Ship Freight Transportation
  • Air Freight Transportation
  • Railroad Transportation
  • Secure Storage
  • Global Tracking
  • Secure Communications

Cyber / IT Services   Blade Solutions Website

Blade Solutions delivers the world’s best information technology services. Whether the needs of an individual, small business, or corporation, our team of Cyber Security and IT professionals deliver world class expertise combined with transparent decision making.

Blade Solutions can offer you, your family and your company / agency the following services:

  • Cyber/IT Assessment
  • Contract Review
  • Policy Creation
  • Network Design
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Remote Support
  • Management / vCTO

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